About 8modern

When 8modern began in 2000, the website was initially planned as a virtual portfolio of each artist’s work. It emerged in the first few meetings, however, that there was scope to do much more, and we began looking at our activities from a collaborative point of view.

With the website launched in its first phase, we started thinking of ideas for a group show that could complement our activities online. The result was Access Random Memory, an East End gallery exhibition in 2001. Emerging from an initial group exercise, the works in the show revolved around a central theme of memory, and collaboration played a dominant role in the way it was conceived and executed.

Not long after, the 8modern residents began to question the place of collaboration within the group, and how we might push it further. Perhaps more than anything, we learned that eight individuals often made for a difficult group dynamic. With so many influences and interests available whenever resources were pooled, we discovered that ideas would often contradict or negate each other and couldn’t always be relied upon to overlap in a way that was constructive.

Since accepting this, we have pushed forward and quickened the pace of our activities through group exercises that often have the spirit of a game. Increasingly these are done in smaller groups, what we call podworks, allowing enough distance for the critical faculties to operate alongside the creative ones. Objects and images are passed between group members, faxed or mailed; identities are swapped and journals written accordingly; trails through the city are devised for other residents to follow… all with the aim of clarifying and maximimising the common interests and practical resources within the group.

Whilst keeping our grander goals in sight, we have learned to value just as highly the work produced along the way.

8modern was initially a group of 8 London based artists. We’ve since been joined by another artist and not all of us now live and work in London. Although primarily involved in our own work, we take time from doing our individual thing to get together and work on collaborative projects.

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If you would like to get in touch with 8modern, you can email any of the residents or use the main contact email by clicking the link below.

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