Strange Sexual Stirrings

Posted by Matthew Snead

Titles: Strange Sexual Stirrings
Music: Jazz


(Action) We see a lone artist flicking through a magazine. Pen in hand. A naughty ciggie on the go. The person is taking a break, a break perhaps from the act of doing the ridiculous. The artist is drawn to a double-page advertisement spread.

The Artist (inner voice):

I have visited an uninhabited island. I have seen the leaning tower of Pisa. I have had a museum all to myself. Check. Have I written a screenplay? I would like to. Check it anyway. Yummy biscuits. I haven’t won a karaoke contest, eaten an insect or seen a penguin in its natural habitat. (beat) Hmmm the screenplay…

CUT TO: Magazine close-up.

(Action) The artist then proceeds to write the following on the magazine:

Overlooking the city…amazing spaces, brilliant light.

Child - no baby.

She sings.


Los Angeles.

No, two children and baby and a daughter.

Amazing clear light,

A breeze,


Architecture (mixed) -

Overlooking the city (near Swiss Cottage)

But there is an allotment

In a Georgian garden

And a black ‘slave’ gardener

Holding a baby boy who’s totally secure and sleeps.

A feeling of a cinema in the sky filled with all beatnik types..

Strange sexual stirrings…

She would love the allotment.


The Artist (inner voice):

Must do the dialogue. Internal. And the narrative…

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