Access Random Memory

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catflap01.jpgEight Modern, the contemporary arts group, held its first collaborative exhibition.

Entitled Access Random Memory, the show is based around the themes of storage and retrieval, although each of the eight artists has taken a markedly different approach.

We began by collecting some random pieces of furniture, those which are here today, and installing them in the studio. Following discussion, each artist chose to either manipulate the pieces directly, or use them as a starting point for related work, said spokesperson Matthew Snead.

The resulting work explores ideas of what we do and do not remember, in particular in the context of domestic scenes and objects. Memories that our unconscious has obscured and altered over time are translated into interventions on the pieces of furniture and independent, but related pieces.

An old gentlemans wardrobe is centrally placed and has been padded, stuffed and embroidered; A battered old wooden trunk can be opened to reveal a cute but alarming collection of childhood memorabilia; An old grey card index file, a primitive form of data storage has been dramatically relined.

The 8modern residents, as they call themselves on their website, are all graduates from London Institute Colleges, Central St. Martins and London College of Printing.

December 11th, 2001 | Residents, Group Collaborative, Projects, Cher Adeyinka, Raof Ahmad, Maureen Beattie, Diana Henebury, Caroline Fisher, Jennifer Morrison, Matthew Snead, Barry Timms

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