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Now I am going to tell you a poem. This will be part of a series of alphabetically themed writings. Imagine neo-hippy illustrations in magic marker day glow pink, green, orange. These are not good or proper poems, for that you need to access Barry’s work - but I claim the title of poems for mine, though without any rules…

Loves London life, lives locally
Longingly leers, lazily lolls

Linda learns Latin, Liberian, Luxemborgian
Leaving Liverpool, latently, loftily
Langourously loitering in Lime Stret
Lasciviously licking lollipop, lovely cocks

Lunatic Lind lisps limericks
Luscious lips large lugholes lopsided leer
She levels looks laserlike
Loudly sings - la la la lolalalo - LaraineLaraine
Lovely lovely lady

Lettuce liver leeks lobster linguine loverly
Linda licks - lick lick lick
Locks legs, limbs, lurches
Lands loudly

Lord, lawdie lawdie lawdie
She’s liquidly, lightly levitating

Listless, Linda lacks lustre
Leans lazily low -long stretching leonine
Lush-haired lulu of your dreams

Trala (loud goodbye and bow to the audience)

You see how nonsense rule. I write with my eyes closed. Adios.

Next time - California there I went (what I did on my holidays) or did you know that Silicone Valley is really really weird? Plus I am sad because although selected for the second stage of the Moores Biennale I did not get into show…….. boohoo. (Boast and moan simultaneously)

August 2nd, 2004 | Residents, General, Reading Room, Diana Henebury


I missed Diana’s reading of this at a recent 8modern meeting. But as I read it today I could imageine the tears of mirth described to me afterwards. Great stuff Diana.

Comment by Caroline
Tue 03 August, 2004
@ 9:51 am

Yes. That’ll teach you to leave meetings early!

Comment by raof
Tue 03 August, 2004
@ 11:40 am

You are indeed, our very own Pam Ayres ; )


Comment by Mat
Tue 03 August, 2004
@ 9:12 pm


My name is Linda

I live North of London

Some say in the sticks

I say - with a smile on my face

No, no, no, no, no

It’s on the border - Beds and Herts

You know the place, it begins with Hen…

I had two of them

Two old birds called - would you believe

Cher and Maureen

Never again will I name my Hens after

Two old birds

For they saw trouble

One with maggots and the other with a fox

It was hard to explain

The outcome was clouded

Was it Cher the hen or Cher the old bird

Did Maureen fall foul to maggots?

The place is Henlow

Linda lives

…..just outside London

Comment by Linda
Wed 19 January, 2005
@ 4:05 pm