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Posted by Diana Henebury

OK. So now it is November and the last of the leaves remain on the trees. So far as art goes, this artist is having a bleeding hard time, but that’s just par for the course. (Love using those expressions - at this moment in time, window of opportunity type stuff)… I’m more into looking and thinking. Picture of contemplative artist appears in your head…

Journeys and geography are important at present. They are to be found in most of my my work, but I’m talking now about the real, or what passes for the real, the impetus behind what is eventually mad into art. Like a kind of spark across a synaptic gap. that sort of process at present I drive through London a lot and have incorporated these journeys into my imagination - if only to make them more bearable. Music is on in the car. I take pride in knowing back alleys and strange east end location. There’s one old tenement building called Aske House. Each time I look at it I am reminded that it is as part of the set of Spider, the movie which features loads of London locations redolent of the mean, bleak 50s. And right at the beginning of that same movie there’s a song called “Over the Mountains and Under the Waves” which I sang as a child, even on stage… Back to driving. In my journeys I am now the tough chick., the dangerous doxie at the wheel, the savvy babe with the window rolled down, the glamourous gal with the hair blowing in the night breeze, elbows on the window ledge, rock music, maybe jazz, maybe Tom Waites or the Handsom family, cool, let the traffic jam man… in other words, as you have already guessed, Hollywood has crept into my London driving… I am present (you have to be when you drive this city) but am also in the process of fictionalising and distancing the moment into something else, even before it passes… Is that healthy? I drive around Hoxton Square. Damien’s blind girl has gone. He pockets a million pounds. I get a strange feeling that this is Damien’s last wheeze before everyone realises what he’s up to. Hat off to the lad. He is subversive and a joker full of desire for fame and money and the energy to suss out the rules of the game and get rich playing it better than most… Now for fucks sake, stop Damien, be a man and not a showman… retire to your property like the gentleman you desire to be. Go fishing and vote conservative - I’m sure you already do.

Also, watching one of the Chapman bros talking about art. At first he seemed to make a lot of sense. He was enjoying talking, giving out the spiel, articulating like mad, rolling the language around. Then strange things started happening in my mind. He was putting out big puffs of art language, words like concussive, discursive and suddenly he seemed so 1980’s polytechnic, and then he went on a mildly paranoid way about London being full of old ladies and prozac. Weird visions in my head and then I realised the words he was spewing made no sense, you couldn’t really make any meaning at all from them, they were in fact empty of meaning. Anodyne and smug, just an old fashioned boy, one of the boys and then of course I realised that I was watching, listening to the new Establishment, the future rear guard, attacking as a preemptive defensive strategy and all the words he was speaking began to be meaningless, without content… stolen language. One joke wonders. They’ll probably win the Turner Prize and who knows they even be knighted…

Time for a new art. Chop chop and chocs away…

I’d like to know if anyone reads this stuff…….. hmmmmm

November 3rd, 2003 | Residents, General, Reading Room, Diana Henebury

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Hello Diana,

Yep, I read it, and I enjoyed it too! Found your site while Googling the family name. Like the paintings too by the way. It would be fun to drop in and buy one next time I’m in London.

With regards,

David Henebury.

Comment by David Henebury
Sat 13 March, 2004
@ 10:40 pm