SE1 Circuit

Posted by Barry Timms

SE1 Circuit

In 2002 the 8modern residents embarked on a walking tour of Bermondsey, and the map I devised for it evolved into this drawing. The figure eight design was a coincidence (arising from a desire to cross the same point on the map from two different directions) but I brought it to the fore in this piece.

SE1 Circuit (detail)SE1 Circuit (detail)Inspired both by old maps of South London and classical labyrinth layouts, this map works as a fantasy about the Bermondsey location. Initially traced from the London A to Z, I strategically blocked off, linked and wove the roads to create a maze structure. The only streets to remain true are those which form the figure-eight route of the walk, which can be traced even though it’s not highlighted. The finished drawing gives Bermondsey a twisted double-life and recaptures the maze-like feeling its streets and buildings held for me when I first moved to the area.

July 31st, 2005 | Residents, Barry Timms

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