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I mentioned in our February meeting that I had never ever dreamt about 8modern. That night however, marked a departure.

We were off to Japan. Caroline, Raof, Diana, Baz, Jen and myself all boarded one of those huge planes, a DC10 cum 747 I think, the ones with an upstairs section. In high spirits, we bumped along the runway and up into the sky, bound for Tokyo. We had quite roomy seats.

The flight was scheduled to take 14 hours. However, about half way through, we had to land somewhere in order to complete a portion of the journey on the freeway. The enormous plane landed in the middle of the road, squeezing amongst the ordinary cars, and we began inching along like everyone else. Caro turned to me and said, that yes, this is all perfectly normal, that we are still on time, it’s just they don’t tell you about these things when you book the tickets. She is an expert on all things avionic after all.

At this point, the pilot and second-in-command made themselves known to us. Looking resplendent in full-liveried uniforms were Maureen and Cher, who burst out the cockpit door amidst a squabble about which ferry we needed to board. Maureen remarked how much she likes the captain’s seat as she can cock the window open with her elbow and flick her fag ash out.

Under Cher’s expert guidance, left hand up a bit, right hand down a bit, Maureen berths the colossal plane onto the ferry for the next leg of the journey. It was odd to be onboard a vehicle capable of such enormous speeds, yet be moving at a crucifying slow rate, whilst pitching around in the Sea of Japan.

It ends here, but I think we made it, feeling both sea sick AND jetlagged.

The next day, congestion charging started in London and the night before, I had seen The Italian Job again.

June 25th, 2003 | Residents, General, Reading Room, Matthew Snead

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