Posted by Jennifer Morrison

The first modern humans lived about 100,000 years ago, perhaps numbering between 20,000 to 100,000 people.

May 31st, 2004 | Residents, Think-snack, Reading Room, Jennifer Morrison


How do we define a modern human. What I mean is, how like us do they have to be to be put in the same category? I’m just interested…

Comment by Baz
Tue 01 June, 2004
@ 6:01 pm

How on earth can they be considered modern without such ‘lifesaving’ devices such as mobile phones and CCTV cameras? Did they rely on their instincts rather than technology? Heavens! I think they’d find our lifestyles rather silly.

Comment by Mat
Fri 04 June, 2004
@ 2:37 pm

Modern humans are homo sapiens who arrived on the scene about 500 000 years ago. They have the cranial volume of you and me.

Comment by jennifer morrison
Mon 14 June, 2004
@ 6:13 pm